Readings recommended by the Education & Residency committee (update December 2010)

The suggestion of review papers on a specific topic is not meant to be exhaustive and can not replace thorough review of the current literature.

Medicine and Surgery

Adams, H.R. (ed.) (2009) Veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics (9th edn.) Iowa State Press ISBN: 0813820618

A. David Weaver, Guy St Jean, Adrian Steiner (2005) Bovine Surgery and Lameness (2nd edition) ISBN 1405123826

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Herd Health and Epidemiology

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Reproduction and Genetics

Fries, R., Ruvinsky, A. (1999) The genetics of cattle. CABI Publishing. ISBN: 0851992587

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Husbandry – Nutrition and Housing

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Meat Hygiene / Food Safety


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Legislation and Welfare

Grandin, T. (2007) Livestock handling and transport. (3nd edn.) CABI Publishing. ISBN: 1845932196

Sainsbury, D., Sainsbury, P. (1988) Livestock health and housing (3rd edn.). Baillière Tindall. ISBN: 0702011614

Wierenga, H.K., D.J. Peterse (eds.) (1987) Cattle housing systems, lameness and behaviour. Martinus Nijhoff. ISBN: 0898388627

Journals and Papers

In addition to the above references, candidates are advised to read relevant papers in veterinary and agricultural journals, various proceedings and the web. In the table below, we have identified journals written in English but emphasise that these are merely examples as there are many other good refereed journals in other languages.

Peer reviewed

Animal Reproduction Science
Animal (former Animal Science)
Applied Animal Behaviour Science
Archives of Animal Nutrition
International Dairy Journal
International Journal of Dairy Technology
Journal of Animal Science
Journal of Dairy Science
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association
Transboundary and Emerging Diseases (former Journal of Veterinary Medicine Series A)
Livestock Science (former Livestock Production Science)
The Veterinary Journal
The Veterinary Record

Non-peer reviewed

Cattle Practice includes Proceedings of the British Cattle Veterinary Association)
In Practice
The Veterinary Clinics of North America - Food Animal Practice


5th IDF International Mastitis Conference
Lameness in Ruminants
Proceedings Annual Meetings of Animal Reproduction (ESDAR)
Proceedings of National Congresses e.g. French Buiatrics Congress, AABP, BCVA
Proceedings of the World Buiatrics Congresses

Web based

Readings kindly suggested by diplomates on single topics

The following literature references are kindly suggested by our diplomates.

Calf diseases (Ingrid Lorenz - Dublin)

Download the list suggested by Ingrid: Calf diseases