Annual General meetings

Next AGM: September 12, 2019. s’ Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

The next annual general meeting of the ECBHM will be held in s’ Hertogenbosch, NL, in the occasion of European Bovine congress from the 11 to 13th September 2019 As announced in bologna there will be a residents workshop the 10th of Spetmber in Utrecht (max 35 participants) and a pre-conference tour for diplomates to visit some interesting futuristic farms/locations More informations coming soon

See you all in s’ Hertogenbosch


Annual General meetings

Next AGM: October 10-13, 2018. Bologna, Italy

The next annual general meeting of the ECBHM will be held in Bologna, Italy, in the occasion of the 50th Jubilaeum congress of the Italian Association for Buiatrics

See you all in Bologna


Annual General Meeting 2017, Bilbao (Spain), October 5th, 2017

The annual general meeting of the ECBHM was held in the context of the European Buiatric Forum, In Bilbao.
It the occasion of the meeting the Raphael Guatteo took over the office of President of the college. Many thanks to Ingrid Lorenz for his commitment and to Mireille Meylan that after many years leaves the board.




More information on the congress very soon.


Annual General meeting 2016, Dublin (Ireland), June 3-7, 2016

The World Buiatric Congress, that was held June 3-7, 2016, hosted the annual meetings of the ECBHM. The AGM in Dublin was one of the most crowded and participated in the entire hystory of the college.








Both diplomates and residents followed with attention the different issues presented during the assembly, and many questions were raised from the floor. The president, Ingrid Lorenz, led the AGM with great professionality.

The booth of the college was one of the most visite in the exhibition. It was the meeting point of the diplomates and the residents, but also many congress delegates visited it asking for information about the college.








 Ramona Deiss, resident in Bern (on the right in the picture, together with Julia Traversari, also resident in Bern), sent the following text as comment on her irish experience:
"Given that it was my first time at a World Buiatric Congress you’ll have to forgive me for not being able to tell whether it was just the World Congress per se or Dublin especially to make it such an impressive experience. But one thing is for sure: We enjoyed it a lot!
First I have to speak about the scientific part with great keynote speakers – it was exciting to learn that people all around the world deal with similar problems and to discuss how to approach them. As a first year resident I was equally impressed by the great presentations given by elder residents. Unfortunately I missed the winner, Mari Friman, but I was able to see for example the eloquent presentation of Joris Somers about lameness and fertility. After a while I also discovered the advantages of strolling through the poster area and having a private talk with the researchers there. At this point I would like to congratulate the winners Mari Friman and Enrico Fiore to their dedicated work. I hope to live up to their standards.
Talking about great presentations I have to mention the place where all of this took part. Even if architecture is not one of your big interests, you had to notice how this place made it easy to spend the whole day inside (something I usually try to prevent). The joy was even bigger if one does not suffer vertigo… Taken apart the architecture, it was amazing to see how the organization team worked together. Sometimes it almost seemed magic how people appeared and directed you to where you actually wanted to go preventing big traffic. Maybe the only drawback was that Ingrid Lorenz’s talk took place in one of the smaller halls (but we could also have gotten out of bed earlier).
Only that there were a lot of good reasons for not getting out of bed early – like staying up late. And staying up late is very easy in Dublin! Not only is there a lot of good beer, there is also good music!
I think I can conclude this report by saying: Dublin, we will be back!"

Annual General Meeting 2015, Maribor (Slovenia), June 10-13, 2015

 This year the AGM of the ECBHM was held in Maribor, during the XV. Middle European Buiatrics congress. Sun, warm athmosphere, good wine as well as high scientific competence welcomed the diplomates and residents of the ECBHM that enjoyed meeting and getting in touch with buiatricians from eastern european countries.

The first day (Wednesday the 10th) was characterized by intense activity of the ECBHM's board. The board meeting lasted form 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. The second part was attended also by the different committees' chairs whereas Geoff Smith, representative of the ACVIM (large animals specialty) was present troughout the meeting.








The Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday the 11th, at 18:15. 53 diplomates and 18 residents were present. Geoff Smith, represented the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

 According to the agenda Mireille Meylan opened the assembly presenting the President's report, which illustrates the most important issues and appointments which have characterized the life of the college in the last year.
The reports of the Vice President, segretary and treasurer followed the President's introduction. Before the final acceptance of the balance by the assembly, Theo Lam, one of the two auditors, presented the auditors' comment (positive) in respect to the ECBHM's balance.
Then it was the turn of the chairs of the different standing committees: Joachim Kleen (credentials committee), Gerrit Hooijer (education committe - Gerrit will next year be replaced in the function by Lieselotte Beekhuis) and Michèle Bodmer (examination committee).

 Mireille chaired the AGM for the last time, having finished her term of presidency: at the end of the AGM she invited the Vice President, Ingrid Lorenz, to take over (according to ECBHM's statutes) the presidency of the college.
During the AGM the following positions were also changed: Raphael Guatteo was elected Vice President; Daniela Klein-Jöbstl was elected "board secretary elect" in order to support and definitely replace Menno Holzhauer in the position of secretary next year; Ozbalt Podpecan was elected ordinary member (replacing Borut Zemljic). The past President Arcangelo Gentile left definitively the board, and was replaced in the position of Past President by Mireille Meylan.
Moreover Csaba Bajcsy and Karl Nuss were elected the two members of the nomination committee whereas Rolf Mansfeld and Karin Mueller were elected the two new auditors.

The AGM was followed by a very pleasant reception which gave diplomates and residents the possibility of meeting together.
The AGM and the reception were also the occasion to greet Jutta Heisler, the administrative secretary, that as from July 2015 will stop working for the college. 







 But - of course - we cannot forgot the intense and very interesting scientific activity, that was characterized by one workshop on the veterinary post graduate education in Europe, 13 outstanding key-note presentations and almost one hundred of oral/poster contributions.
The presence of so many international experts attracted almost 300 hundred participants which intensively participated to the discussions by asking a lot of questions and arising challenging suggestions.

Participants attended the congress until the last presentation.

The ECBHM's awards for the best resident's presentation and the best resident's poster was awarded to Bart Pardon and Claudio Bellino. 

Hereunder you can relive the wonderful days of the congress.

First day: June 10th: board meeting

First day: June 10th: opening ceremony

Second day: June 11th: scientific work

Second day: June 11th: ECBHM's AGM

Second day: June 11th: ECBHM's cocktail

Third day: June 12th: scientific work

Third day: June 12th: gala dinner and ECBHM's awards

Fourth day: June 13th: scientific work

Annual General Meeting 2014 (Oviedo, Spain, June 25-27, 2014)


   Old history (e.g. the cathedral) and modern art (e.g. Calatrava building) have crowned the scientific, political and social parts of the annual general meeting of the diplomates and residencies of the ECBHM, that has been held in Oviedo during the congress of the ANEMBE.
On wednesday 25th, the board, together with the chairs of the standing committees, met to discuss on different issues of importance for the life of the college. John Middleton, representative of the ACVIM, also attended the board meeting, emphasizing the good relationship between ECBHM and ACVIM.
Finally, at 17:30, a representative of the residents joined the meeting and presented some problems deriving from their daily activity and their preparation to the certifying exam.

Thursday 26th was a very intensive day. Very interesting and high quality scientific sessions, an elegant opening ceremony in the main hall of the Calatrava congress centre and a luxurious lunch characterized the morning.

 The AGM concluded the day. At 18:00, 38 diplomates, 14 residents and John Middleton, contact person with the ACVIM joined the AGM that, chaired by the ECBHM Pesident Mireille Meylan, updated on the situation of the college.
During the AGM the assembly elected two new member of the board: Hugues Guyot as ordinary member and Gabi Knubben-Schweizer as treasurer.

ECBHM would like to thank the President of the ANEMBE Luis Miguel Cebrian Yague, the President of the Organizing committee Luis Miguel Ortega Mora as well as the contact person with ECBHM Susana Astiz Blanco for their warm and kind hospitality.









Annual General Meeting 2013 (Berne, Switzerland, August 28-30, 2013)

 The Annual General meeting of the ECBHM was held in Berne on August, 29th, in the occasion of Buiatrissima.
76 diplomates and 22 residents attended the most important meeting of the ECBHM.
During the AGM the President Arcangelo Gentile presented all the activities that the college experienced during the previous 12 months and emphasized the fact that the number of residents as well as the number of recognized institutions had increased.
In fact, comparing the data with the situation at the AGM in Lisbon (2012), the number of residents increased from 30 to 47 and one more Institution was recognized in 2013. Among the currrently 28 recognized institutions, 21 are running residency programmes.

The meeting lasted almost two hours and included the presentation of the reports of the officers, as well as the discussion of the financial balance. Despite the good financial situation of the college the increase of the prices all over Europe forced the assembly to decide to increase the annual fees of 20 Euros.

During the assembly new officers were elected: Inge Lorenz is the new Vice President, Borut Zemlijc is the new ordinary member of the Board and Menno Holzhauer was chosen to be the Board Secretary-elect; he will replace Koos Verhoeff as the Board Secretary in a year.

Moreover, also the composition of the standing committees was updated.

The presence of three representatives of the ACVIM proved the good relationship between the ECBHM and the ACVIM. Allen Roussel (photo), diplomate also of ECBHM, illustrated the collaboration existing so far between the two colleges. Geof Smith and John Middleton confirmed the intention of ACVIM of continuing and improving the relationship.

Before closing the assembly Mireille Meylan, the Vice-President of the last two years, took over the presidency of the College. Arcangelo Gentile, after two years as the President, has become Past President.

During the gala dinner, birthday candles lightened the warm and suggestive athmosphere when the ECBHM celebrated its 10 years of activity. An inflatable birthday cake was blown up by the former director of the clinic for ruminants in Berne, Prof. Johannes Martig, whereas Mireille Meylan, new President of the ECBHM, blew up two candles with the indication of the ten years of ECBHM's life.

During the ceremony, Maike Heppelmann and Peter Down were awarded the first " ECBHM residents awards" (Euro 1000 each, sponsored to equal parts by the ECBHM and the organization of Buiatrissima) for respectively the best poster and the best oral presentations of ECBHM residents.

More pictures on the congress are made available by tyhe organizers at the webpage of the Buiatrissima


Annual General Meeting 2012 (Lisbon, Portugal, 3-8/06/2012)

 The Annual General meeting of the ECBHM was held in Lisbon on June, 6th, in the occasion of the 27th World Buiatrics Congress.
106 diplomates and 13 residents attended the most important meeting of the ECBHM.
The meeting lasted almost two hours and included the presentation of the reports of the officers, as well as the discussion of the financial balance.
During the meeeting the assembly elected a new member of the board, Walter Gruenberg, that will replaces Raphael Guatteo.

Enjoy the photogallery of the congress.

Thanks to the President of the Organizing Committee, Joao Cannas Da Silva, Past President of the ECBHM, a booth was placed at the disposal of the college. In this place, members of the board, of the committees, as well as all diplomates and residents have had the possibility of meeting and debate the problems of the college.



Enjoy the photogallery of the congress.


Annual general meeting 2011 (Liege, Belgium, 8/09/2011)

Ninty diplomates together with 4 regular residents, 1 approved exam candidate and 1 almost de-facto candidate took part to the annual general meeting that was held in Liege the 8th of September. alt=" " src="images/Photogallery/AGM_2011/AGM_00.jpg" />

The AGM was chaired by the President Joao Cannas Da silva that after having thanked the organizing committe of the congress for the hospitality, addressed the different items that were objects of the agenda.

The officers of the board and the chairs of the committees presented their reports. Among these, there was the report of the treasurer, Rainer Martin (see the photo below, on the left), that was approved by the assembly.
Ingrid Lorenz (see the photo below, on the right), chair of the Examination Committee, presented the result of the recent examination procedures, congratulating the new diplomates that passed the exam.

During the AGM a new board has come into office: Arcangelo Gentile has taken the presidency of the college, whereas Mireille Meylan and Ingrid Lorenz were elected respectively vice president and ordinary member.

The composition of the new board is the following:
President: Arcangelo Gentile
Past President: Joao Cannas Da Silva
Vice President: Mireille Meylan
Secretary: Jacobus Verhoeff
Treasurer: Rainer Martin
Ordinary Members: Raphael Guatteo and Ingrid Lorenz

 Following the message of the new President, Arcangelo Gentile, to the ECBHM:
"Dear diplomates and residents,
It is a great honour for me to assume the presidency of the ECBHM. I must admit that I am a little worried about the responsibility involved but I want to assure you that I will devote myself to this office with enthusiasm and the utmost care.
Together with your help and the commitment of the board and all the committees I am sure we will be able to take another step forward in the life of the college.
I thank the past president Joao Cannas da Silva and the past board for the excellent work that they did during their term.
I wish the new board and the new committees all the best in carrying out their important and challenging work.
I wish the residents successful fulfilment of their educational training period.
To all of you I would like to say: be proud of being part of the college, be proud of doing one of the most rewarding and useful jobs in the world, that is, dealing with the most generous and fantastic animal of the world, cattle.
I also wish you the best in your personal lives and in your professional activities.
I would like to recall the advice I received from our first president, Wolfgang Klee: with respect to your patients, namely cattle, always use love, care and tenderness.


Annual General Meeting 2010 (Brno, Czech Republic, 17-19/06/2010)

The AGM-2010 has been held in Brno in the occasion of the XI Middle European Buiatrics Congress (June 17-19, 2010). Hereunder you can relive those wonderful days. The photos were kindly made available by the organizing committee of the congress.