Examination Committee

TheBoard shall form an Examination Committee composed of at least six members appointed by the Board normally for a term of three years. Normally one third of the member (s) will be replacedeach year. A senior member of the Committee in terms of service shall serve as Chairperson, unless the ECBHM Board decides otherwise.
The Examination Committee may include individuals who are both members of the College and of other associated colleges with an interest in bovine related disciplines including the ECAR, ECVPH, EVPC and ECVCN..
The Examination Committee is responsible for preparation, administration, and evaluation of the Certifying Examination.
The following make up the current Examinations Committee (Chairperson *)

Examination Committee
Bart Pardon (Bart.Pardon@UGent.be) * (Ghent, Belgium)
Sophie Mahendran (Surrey, United Kingdom)
Arne Vanhoudt (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Didier Raboisson (Toulouse, France)
Angel Abuelo (Michigan state, USA)
Elisabeth Hehenberger (Austria)
Lies Beekhuis (United Kingdom)

The President and Vice-President are ex officio members of all committees.