Education & Residency Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for setting criteria for the Residency Programme, for approving the programmes and their sponsors, and for monitoring each Resident's progress through the receipt of regular reports. The Education Committee will maintain lists of approved Residency Programmes, approved preceptors and current Residents. It will document detailed requirements for Residency Programmes that are necessary for European College of Bovine Health Management approval.
The following make up the actual Education Committee (Chairperson *)

Education and Residency Committee E-mail address
Walter Gruenberg (Germany)*
Joachim Kleen (Germany) (Past-chair)
Lorenzo Viora (Scotland)
Guillaume Belbis (France)
Kristina Müller (New Zealand)
Johann Kofler (Austria)
John Fishwick (United Kingdom)

The President and Vice-President are ex officio members of all committees.