Documents and Downloads

ECBHM Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws of the ECBHM.

Download a copy: ECBHM Constitution and Bylaws

ECBHM Policies and Procedures

The updated version (October 2017) of the ECBHM Policies and Procedures can be downloaded here.

Download a copy: ECBHM Policies and Procedures

Re-certification procedures

ECBHM Diplomates are required to undertake re-evaluation at intervalls of 5 years. Deadline for submission of the re-certification credentials is 31 December of the year of the recertification.

The system for periodic re-evaluation of practising Diplomates is explained in the updated ECBHM Policies and procedures.

The application form can be downloaded here:  Re-evaluation application form ECBHM


Institution application form: To be downloaded

Institution reevaluation form: To be downloaded

Credentials application Form

In order to be allowed to sit the ECBHM examination, credentials must be submitted follwing the application form

Download a copy: Credential Application Form

ECBHM Annual Progress Report Guidelines

In order to help both residents and supervisor during the residency process, the E&RC together with the board build a document gathering all guidelines and recommendations for the elaboration of the annual progress report

Download a copy: Annual Progress Report Guidelines

Expenses Claim Form

ECBHM committee expenses claim form.

Download a copy: Commitee Expense Claim