According to ECBHM Constitution (Art. 4.3) diplomates are authorised to use the designation of “Diplomate of the European College of Bovine Health Management”, abbreviated as "Dip. ECBHM".

The following is the list of ECBHM diplomates (221) updated at 21/11/2018.

Austria (13)

Baumgartner Walter (Retired Diplomate)

Drillich Marc (Active Diplomate)

Gasteiner Johann (Active Diplomate)

Gelfert Carl-Christian (Active Diplomate)

Hehenberger Elisabeth (Active Diplomate)

Hund Alexandra (Active Diplomate)

Khol Johannes Lorenz (Active Diplomate)

Klein-Jöbstl Daniela (Active Diplomate)

Kofler Johann (Active Diplomate)

Obritzhauser Walter (Active Diplomate)

Steiner Simone (Active Diplomate)

Winter Petra (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Wittek Thomas (Active Diplomate)

Belgium (11)

Deprez Piet (Active Diplomate)

Guyot Hugues (Active Diplomate)

Hanzen Christian (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Hoflack Geert (Active Diplomate)

Opsomer Geert (Active Diplomate)

Pardon Bart (Active Diplomate)

Rollin Frédéric (Active Diplomate)

Sartelet Arnaud (Active Diplomate)

Touati Kamal (Active Diplomate)

Truyers Isabelle (Active Diplomate)

Uystepruyst Christophe (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Canada (6)

Babkine Marie (Active Diplomate)

Desrochers André (Active Diplomate)

Geishauser Thomas (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Orsel Karin (Active Diplomate)

Roy Jean-Philippe (Active Diplomate)

Timsit Edouard (Active Diplomate)

Czech Republic (2)

Dvořák Rudolf (Retired Diplomate)

Illek Josef (Active Diplomate)

Denmark (4)

Enemark Jörg M D (Active Diplomate)

Enevoldsen Carsten (Retired Diplomate)

Houe Hans (Active Diplomate)

Thomsen Peter T (Active Diplomate)

Finland (3)

Pyörälä Satu H K (Active Diplomate)

Rainio Vesa A (Active Diplomate)

Ruoho Olli (Active Diplomate)

France (22)

Arcangioli Marie-Anne (Active Diplomate)

Assie Sébastien (Active Diplomate)

Bareille Nathalie (Active Diplomate)

Belbis Guillaume (Active Diplomate)

Camuset Philippe (Active Diplomate)

Douart Alain (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Foucras Gilles (Active Diplomate)

Guatteo Raphaël (Active Diplomate)

Herry Vincent (Active Diplomate)

Joly Alain (Active Diplomate)

Lemarchand Frédéric (Active Diplomate)

Maillard Renaud (Active Diplomate)

Meyer Gilles (Active Diplomate)

Millemann Yves (Active Diplomate)

Navetat Hervé (Retired Diplomate)

Noordhuizen Jos P T M (Retired Diplomate)

Raboisson Didier (Active Diplomate)

Ravary-Plumioën Bérangère (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Salat Olivier (Active Diplomate)

Schelcher François (Active Diplomate)

Schmitt-van de Leemput Ellen (Active Diplomate)

Seegers Henri (Retired Diplomate)

Germany (24)

Doll Klaus P (Active Diplomate)

Fehlings Klaus (Retired Diplomate)

Fürll Manfred (Retired Diplomate)

Gruenberg Walter (Active Diplomate)

Hamann Joern (Retired Diplomate)

Heckert Hans Peter (Retired Diplomate)

Hoedemaker Martina (Active Diplomate)

Jahn-Falk Doris (Active Diplomate)

Klawonn Wolfram (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Klee Wolfgang (Retired Diplomate)

Kleen Joachim L (Active Diplomate)

Knubben-Schweizer Gabriela (Active Diplomate)

Krömker Volker (Active Diplomate)

Kümper Harald (Retired Diplomate)

Lorenz Ingrid (Active Diplomate)

Mansfeld Rolf (Active Diplomate)

Martin Rainer (Active Diplomate)

Metzner Moritz (Active Diplomate)

Müller Kerstin (Active Diplomate)

Rehage Jürgen (Active Diplomate)

Starke Alexander (Active Diplomate)

Tenhagen Bernd-Alois (Active Diplomate)

Wittkowski Gerhard (Retired Diplomate)

Zerbe Holm (Active Diplomate)

Greece (3)

Amiridis Georgios (Active Diplomate)

Christodoulopoulos Georgios (Active Diplomate)

Panousis Nikolaos K. (Active Diplomate)

Hungary (5)

Bajcsy Árpád Csaba (Active Diplomate)

Brydl Endre (Retired Diplomate)

Könyves László (Active Diplomate)

Répási Attila (Active Diplomate)

Szenci Ottó (Retired Diplomate)

Ireland (9)

Barrett Damien J (Active Diplomate)

Carty Catherine (Active Diplomate)

Doherty Michael L (Active Diplomate)

McAloon Conor (Active Diplomate)

Mee John F (Active Diplomate)

More Simon (Active Diplomate)

O`Grady Luke (Active Diplomate)

O´Farrell Kevin J (Retired Diplomate)

Ryan Eoin G (Active Diplomate)

Italy (6)

Cagnasso Aurelio (Non-practicing Diplomate)

D´Angelo Antonio (Active Diplomate)

Gentile Arcangelo (Active Diplomate)

Gnemmi Giovanni (Active Diplomate)

Morgante Massimo (Active Diplomate)

Zecconi Alfonso (Active Diplomate)

New Zealand (2)

Huxley Jonathan N (Active Diplomate)

Müller Kristina R. (Active Diplomate)

Norway (1)

Bjorland Jostein (Retired Diplomate)

Portugal (5)

Bexiga J Ricardo Dias (Active Diplomate)

Cannas da Silva João (Retired Diplomate)

Lima Miguel S (Active Diplomate)

Niza Ribeiro João J R (Active Diplomate)

Stilwell George T (Active Diplomate)

Serbia (1)

Fratrić Natalija (Active Diplomate)

Slovak Republic (4)

Hajurka Jaroslav (Retired Diplomate)

Kováč Gabriel (Retired Diplomate)

Mudron Pavol (Active Diplomate)

Nagy Oskar (Active Diplomate)

Slovenia (2)

Podpečan Ožbalt (Active Diplomate)

Zemljič Borut (Active Diplomate)

Spain (4)

Astiz Blanco Susana (Active Diplomate)

Cebrián Yagüe Luis M (Retired Diplomate)

González Martin Juan V (Active Diplomate)

Hernández Bermúdez Joaquin R (Active Diplomate)

Sweden (1)

Valarcher Jean-François (Active Diplomate)

Switzerland (24)

Berchtold Beat (Active Diplomate)

Bleul Ulrich (Active Diplomate)

Bodmer Michèle (Active Diplomate)

Bollwein Heinrich (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Braun Ueli (Retired Diplomate)

Feldmann Maren (Active Diplomate)

Gerspach Christian (Associate member)

Guélat-Brechbühl Monika (Active Diplomate)

Hässig Michael (Active Diplomate)

Hirsbrunner Gaby (Active Diplomate)

Kaufmann Christine (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Kirchhofer Marc (Active Diplomate)

Lejeune Beatrice (Active Diplomate)

Meylan Mireille (Active Diplomate)

Michel Astrid (Active Diplomate)

Nuss Karl (Active Diplomate)

Raemy Andreas (Active Diplomate)

Rüegsegger Franziska (Active Diplomate)

Ruf-Ritz Julia (Active Diplomate)

Steiner Adrian (Active Diplomate)

Strabel Dirk (Active Diplomate)

Syring Claudia (Active Diplomate)

Tschuor Andreas (Active Diplomate)

Zanolari Patrik (Active Diplomate)

The Netherlands (20)

Dijkstra Thomas (Active Diplomate)

Eerdenburg, van Frank JCM (Active Diplomate)

Hage J Johan (Retired Diplomate)

Holzhauer Menno (Active Diplomate)

Hooijer Gerrit A (Active Diplomate)

Jonker Frederik H (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Kolkman Iris (Active Diplomate)

Kremer Wilhelmus D J (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Kuiper Rogier (Retired Diplomate)

Lam Theodorus J G (Active Diplomate)

Muskens Jan (Active Diplomate)

Snoep Joost J (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Sol Jan (Retired Diplomate)

Stassen Elsbeth N (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Vanhoudt Arne (Active Diplomate)

Verhoeff Jacobus (Retired Diplomate)

Vos Peter LAM (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Weber Maarten F (Active Diplomate)

Werven, van Tine (Active Diplomate)

Wuijckhuise-Sjouke, van Linda A (Active Diplomate)

United Kingdom (40)

Andrews Anthony H (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Barrett David C (Active Diplomate)

Beekhuis Lieselotte (Active Diplomate)

Borsberry Stephen (Active Diplomate)

Bradley Andrew J (Active Diplomate)

Caldow George L (Active Diplomate)

Cockcroft Peter D (Active Diplomate)

Cutler Keith L (Active Diplomate)

Down Peter (Active Diplomate)

Eddy Roger G (Retired Diplomate)

Edmondson Peter W (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Ellis Kathryn (Active Diplomate)

Fishwick John Charles (Active Diplomate)

Fitzpatrick Julie L (Active Diplomate)

Geraghty Timothy (Active Diplomate)

Gillespie Amy (Active Diplomate)

Green Martin J (Active Diplomate)

Grove-White David H (Retired Diplomate)

Gunn George J (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Henderson Andrew (Active Diplomate)

Husband James A (Active Diplomate)

Hyde Robert (Active Diplomate)

Logue David N (Retired Diplomate)

Lyons Nicholas (Active Diplomate)

Macrae Alastair Ian (Active Diplomate)

Mahendran Sophie Anne (Active Diplomate)

Maxwell Oliver (Active Diplomate)

Mueller Karin (Active Diplomate)

Murray Richard D (Retired Diplomate)

Penny Colin D (Active Diplomate)

Prins Diether (Active Diplomate)

Remnant John Gordon (Active Diplomate)

Scott Philip R (Active Diplomate)

Sherwin Virginia (Active Diplomate)

Smith Robert Frank (Active Diplomate)

Tomlinson Martin (Active Diplomate)

Viora Lorenzo (Active Diplomate)

Williams Helen (Active Diplomate)

Winden van Steven (Active Diplomate)

Wood Sarah (Active Diplomate)

USA (9)

Abuelo Sebio Angel (Active Diplomate)

Constable Peter D (Associate member)

Döpfer Dörte (Non-practicing Diplomate)

Mann Sabine (Active Diplomate)

Middleton John R. (Associate member)

Moroni Paolo (Active Diplomate)

Roussel Allen J Jr (Active Diplomate)

Smith Geoffrey (Associate member)

Wieland Matthias J. (Active Diplomate)