ECBHM - Diplomate's details - Joaquin R Hernández Bermúdez


University of Santiago de Compostela
Veterinary Faculty of Lugo Dept. Animal Pathology


27002 Lugo


Short curriculum
Joaquín Hernandez Bermudez (30/08/1964) graduated as a DVM at Murcia University (SE-Spain) in 1987. After his graduation, he started his professional activity in Lugo, in some private companies, and his activities were mainly related to nutrition of ruminants, including a two years period as a technical supervisor of the private Clinical analysis laboratory. In 1992, he successfully defended his PhD thesis about the metabolism of some native cows of Galicia. In 1995, he started to work at the Department of Animal Pathology at the Veterinary Faculty in Lugo (NW-Spain), teaching clinical examination of ruminants and physiopathology. His main concern is the interaction between nutrition, oxidative stress and metabolism of high yielding dairy cows and beef calves.