ECBHM - Diplomate's details - Sabine Mann


Cornell University
College of Veterinary Medicine Dept. Population Medicine
Comparative Biomedical Sciences


Tower Road 29
14853 Ithaca, NY


Short curriculum
After completing my veterinary degree in Hanover, Germany, I decided to apply for a training position in the US and began my internship in the department of Ambulatory and Production Medicine at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY in June 2007. After my internship year was finished, I was given the chance to also start my residency in the same department. In October 2009, I moved back to Germany to finish the last two years of my residency at the Clinic for Ruminants of the Ludwig-Maximilan-University in Munich and sat the certifying examination in 2012. I started a PhD that same year at Cornell University, focusing on epidemiology of cattle diseases and nutrition.