ECBHM - Diplomate's details - Natalija Fratrić


University of Belgrade
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Dept. Physiology and Biochemistry


Bul. Oslobodjenja 18
11000 Belgrade


Short curriculum
Dr. Natalija Fratrić was born in Nova Varoš (Serbia) in 1963. She graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 1988. She is currently employed as Associate Professor. She is one of the founders of the Serbian Buiatric's Association and also their secretary since its fundation. She is a member of the Serbian Physiology Society (comember of FEPS, IUPS, IPS). The main topics of her interest are: management and immunophysiology of preruminant calves, respiratory disease in calves, monitoring and prevention of production diseases in dairy cattle. Her on-going research includes studies on metabolic and endocrine characteristics of autochtonous and high yield dairy cows for the preservation of good health and reproduction, as well as production of safe food.