Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee is composed of six members appointed by the Board for a term of three years. Where possible the Credentials Committee will include individuals who are both members of the College and of other associated Colleges with an interest in bovine related disciplines. During the period of provisional recognition of the College, where a joint member of the European College of Bovine Health Management and one of these other Colleges is not available to sit on this Committee, a member of the non-represented associated College will be invited to attend meetings of the Credentials Committee as a non-voting advisor.

The duties of the Credentials Committee are as follows:

  • To establish guidelines to assist applicants applying to sit the diploma examination.
  • To receive, review, and approve the candidacy of applicants.
  • To forward the credentials of approved applicants to the Examination Committee.
  • To undertake the process of re-evaluation of Diplomates at intervals of five (5) years as described in Article 4 Section 10 of the College's constitution.
  • To assess the suitability of non-Diplomates of the College to undertake supervision and/or deliver training within a Residency Programme.

The following make up the actual Credentials Committee (Chairperson *)
Credentials Committee E-mail address
Elisabeth Hehenberger (Austria) (co-chair) in charge of recertification for diplomates
Andreas Raemy (Switzerland) (co-chair) in charge of credentieals review
Lies Beekhuis (United Kingdom) / Past-chair
Conor Mac Aloon (Ireland)
Yves Millemann (France)
Amy Gillespie (United Kingdom)
Iris Kolkman (The Netherlands)

The President and Vice-President are ex officio members of all committees.