Appeals Committee

The Board shall form a standing Appeals Committee composed of six members of the College who are not officers of the College or members of the Credentials Committee, the Education and Residency Committee, or the Examination Committee.
Members of the standing Appeals Committee will be normally appointed for terms of four years. In the case of an appeal to a decision of the College, the Board shall appoint three members of the standing Appeals Committee who have no past or current relation (personal, professional, financial, or other) with the appealing candidate/Diplomate or Institution to serve as the active Appeals Committee for this particular case.
The following make up the actual standing Appeals Committee 

Education and Residency Committee E-maE-mail address
Adrian Steiner (Switzerland)
Borut Zemljic (Slovenia)
Thomas Wittek (Austria)
Jonathan Huxley (United Kingdom)
Timothy Geraghty (United Kingdom)
Maarten Weber (The Netherlands)>